Every so often we have leftover inventory from a previous season, items that aren't pretty enough to sell on a retail shelf (scratch and dent) or things that will be discontinued.  We always sell these items in mystery grab bags at our in person events, and they are snatched up before we can put them on the website.  This year we have fewer in person events and want to extend the deep discount to you!

This current round of grab bags contains mostly leftover seasonal items, some essential oil blends, some body butters and a some sample soaps!

We have two price points, a bag with a $45 value for only $20 and a bag with a $20 value for $10! Each bag has a diversified selection of products in it, but if you buy multiple bags you're likely to end up with a few repeats.  These are very limited, so if you know you generally love our products you can't go wrong!  Not recommended for those who have allergies to certain ingredients and need to be choosier with what they use on their skin. 

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