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Shade Tree Naturals is all about living a simple, natural life! Providing body and home products that promote a healthy, natural lifestyle.

In our products we utilize only natural ingredients, the finest oils, butters and additives, straight from nature. All products are made in small, quality controlled batches to ensure you get the freshest product available. We carefully source all of our ingredients to ensure sustainability and fair trade first and foremost, organic when necessary and local when available. Our first choice, and priority, is to recycle and reuse when possible in all of our packaging and material use. Providing products that promote a sustainable future for us, our children and the many that come after. 

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The Benefits of Raw Honey for your Skin

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Welcome to Shade Tree Naturals!

I'm Tara, owner and solo boss lady over here at Shade Tree Naturals!  I currently live in Wi with my...

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