10 Eco Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas

 If somebody asked me to define my feelings about Valentine's Day, I'd have to say "it's complicated". One one hand, I'm all about sharing the love and spending time with the ones you love, but on the other, Valentine's day has become a horribly commercialized holiday where our love for each other is quantified by how much we spend on each other. 

Not to mention the amount of waste that goes into all the pink glittery cards, wrapping, and frivolous gifting.  So, today I want to share with you a few ways you can celebrate your Valentine's day in a more earth friendly way. 

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1. Make an edible Valentine's day treat.  Sugar cookies will sweeten your day and will definitely be devoured.  No waste here!  Better yet, bake cookies with your loved ones and make memories! If you don't have everything on hand you could support a small business and try a cookie kit from To Di for Baking.   

2. Go Vintage.  Instead of buying gifts brand new, search your local thrift shop or vintage store for the perfect gift. A new pair of earrings, a handbag, watch, necklace or cozy sweater! There are so many options, you might as well make a treasure that is no longer loved, new again!  

3. Fair Trade Chocolate. Valentine's Day isn't the same without chocolate!  Look for rainforest friendly or certified fair trade choices like my favorite Dark Chocolate with Pink Himalayan Salt  by Divine Chocolate.  Purchasing Divine Chocolate also supports training and fair wages for women cocoa farmers, so you'll be making their day as well!

4. Choose a potted plant over cut roses or flowers.  A potted plant will last much longer than cut flowers and will also benefit your home's air quality.  Don't have much of a green thumb? Buy a plant that doesn't need much care and is hardy, like a succulent

5.  Homemade Valentine's. If you have kids who take Valentine's cards to their friends at school, consider making a homemade project that includes these plantable wildflower heart shapes.  Each little heart shape includes wildflower seeds.  The heart can be directly planted in soil to create a wildflower garden for future use by pollinators.  Not to mention they will remind your recipients of you in the Spring!

6. Go on a hike and enjoy each other's company.  Here's to hoping February 14th is warmer than our current Polar Vortex temperatures!  Getting outside for a walk or short hike can lift your spirit and make lasting memories!  Then you can come inside and cuddle with some fair trade cocoa! ;)

7. Ethical Jewelry. If your partner is a jewelry fan, consider ethical choices.  Companies like Trades of Hope partner with women artisans around the globe to give them hope and a way out of poverty!  If you're going to make a purchase this holiday you might as well start the ripple effect of change!  They have handbags, scarves and other fair trade goodies as well! 

8. Organic Wine. Just like your chocolate, if you're choosing wine this Valentine's day, be sure to look for something that is organic or has a rainforest alliance seal of approval on it. 

9. A night in with a board game. Call me a nerd, but board games are always a favorite of mine! Have a fun night in with your fair trade chocolate, organic wine and a home cooked meal.  Add a fun board game to top off the night together. There are so many fun choices, classic and new alike.  Our new family favorite is a game called Ticket to Ride!  

10. Learn a new skill. Is there a class, skill, or hobby your significant other has mentioned wanting to try? Perhaps you could find a local class to learn something new together! The list is endless: Cooking classes, Sign making, pottery, painting workshops or rock climbing packages! 

 How do you plan to spend your Valentine's Day?  Do you have other great earth friendly ideas?  Leave them in the comments below, I'd love to hear them!

Tara Parish

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