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I'm so glad you're here!  Let me introduce myself.  I'm Tara, owner and solo boss lady over here at Shade Tree Naturals. Wisconsin is home to me, my partner, Taylor and our three boys, Asher, Atticus and Ethan.  Our English Bulldog Maggie is also a very important part of our family, is super stubborn and is as cute as ever!

I started what is now Shade Tree Naturals, in 2010 when my first son was a baby. I realized just how many chemicals were in our home and body products and was appalled to learn there were so many in baby products as well. I decided that I needed to have first hand knowledge of every single ingredient I would be putting in and on my children and bringing into our home. As time goes on there is more and more evidence on how these chemicals are impacting our health and I wanted to break that cycle for my family and share healthy home and body care choices with others!

In addition to Shade Tree Naturals, I have also been a birth and postpartum doula for eight years. Integrating these two sides of my life is important to me. I'm hoping to bring both businesses full circle  and add Certified Herbalist training to my skillset.  I've finished my first year of study and am excited to continue learning how to help support my family and others with holistic health choices as well as bringing everything back to nature!

Some of my favorite things include, fair trade chocolate, supporting women owned businesses, all things families, babies and birth, herbalism, hiking, a good book and a mug of warm Chai Tea. I have tried focusing on being more and more sustainable in our life and I'm excited to start sharing more of that knowledge with others as well!

Thanks for following along on this journey! I would love to get to know you! Drop a comment below, email me at Tara@ShadeTreeNaturals.com, or find me on Instagram or Facebook and tell me about yourself! I'm glad you're here!
Edited 10/2022
Tara Parish

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