Do It Yourself: All Purpose Cleaner

For several years we have not purchased any chemical cleaners for our home.  I try to reduce my family's exposure to chemicals in as many ways as possible. Cutting out chemical cleaners is cost-effective and is one of the best ways to reduce chemical and fragrance exposure to your family.  

It's possible to make an effective all-purpose cleaner with things you have in your pantry.  

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There's a basic recipe that you can change up throughout the year, or to your preference.

Basic Recipe:

One Part White Vinegar

One Part Water

You can use this recipe as is if you'd like, but if you don't like the smell of vinegar there are a few things you can do to change the smell and increase the effectiveness of your cleaner.

Things to Add: 

Citrus Peels

Essential Oils

The combination I am liking lately is orange peels in white vinegar and Defense Essential Oil Blend. 

What you'll need: 

White Vinegar

Discarded Orange Peels


Defense Essential Oil Blend

Glass Spray Bottle

Fill a jar with discarded orange peels.  Fill the jar to the top with white vinegar.  Allow the vinegar and orange solution to infuse for one to two weeks. Citrus helps cut grease and grime. Strain the peels out of the vinegar and compost them.

Fill your glass spray bottle halfway with the orange vinegar and the rest of the way with water.  Glass is preferred anytime you are using essential oils as they will break down plastic fast.  You may need to replace the spray mechanism on the bottle every six months or so when using essential oils in your mixture. 

Add Defense Blend, one drop per ounce of liquid.  Be sure to shake the bottle well before spraying because the essential oils will sit on top of the water and vinegar mixture. 

Our Defense Blend is a blend of five essential oils made famous by grave robbers.  The story goes that the blend of these five oils was used on the grave robbers to prevent them from catching germs and diseases while robbing graves.  This blend is perfect for all-purpose cleaning to get rid of germs and bacteria.

Another blend I really enjoy in this cleaner recipe is our Bliss Blend Our Bliss Blend is made with several citrus essential oils that help cut grease and will brighten the smell in your home.  

I'd love to hear if you try this recipe and how you prefer to tweak it for your own home! 

Tara Parish


Tara Parish


Tara Parish


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