3 Reasons to Choose a Body Butter over a Lotion

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a body butter and a lotion?  In this post, we will tell you the main difference between both products and why we think you should choose a body butter over a lotion for your dry skin.

Let's start with the main difference between the two products.  

A lotion is a mixture of oils and water and body butter is a blend of oils only.  This makes lotion feel lighter and a body butter feel thicker and heavier.  

Reasons we think you should choose a body butter over a lotion:

1. Body butters contain only oil, and no water.  When a product is made with water it is necessary to use a chemical preservative to prevent the growth of bacteria in your product.  At Shade Tree Naturals we avoid using chemical preservatives in our products, therefore body butter was the option we wanted to give you as a moisturizer.  

2. This leads me to my second point, that Body Butters have a longer shelf life.  While a body butter has a longer shelf life without the use of preservatives, we have added a bit of Vitamin E oil, which is great for your skin and can also help prevent the oxidation of the oils used in the product.  

3. Products made with water tend to dry your skin out instead of moisturize it.  Have you ever noticed that you can apply lotion several times a day and still feel as if your skin is dry.  This results in you buying more of a company's product and never seeing results.  A product like body butter, that contains no water will moisturize better with less product used.  While a body butter may initially feel heavier, you can use less on areas that don't need as much moisture.  A little really goes a long way! 

One of the main ingredients in our body butter is shea butter, which is a humectant. A humectant is a product that actually draws moisture to your skin instead of taking it away, like water does. 

We now have a body butter to match each of our soaps!  Which is your favorite scent?

"I really love them! I feel like I haven't tried anything else like them before.  The smell and feel are perfection...." - Sophie

Tara Parish

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