My Favorite Things of 2019!

Here we are about one month into 2020 already! Where has the time gone?  2019 was a year of self development and growth for me.  I have learned more about myself and feel like I have learned more and more about who I am and what makes me feel good every single day.  Along with that, I have a list of things from 2019 that I love and that I want to share with all of you.  I hope these things can help your self growth, self care and help you appreciate our planet a little more. 

Yearly Planner: 

If you don't already have a yearly planner, The Desire Map Planner, by Danielle Laporte, has been my go to planner for a while now.  This planner can be purchased in a daily or weekly format and asks just the right questions to help keep you heart centered and focused on what matters most to you.  If you already have your planner you should still click over to her page and see what else she can offer.  She has quickly become my spiritual guide via her meditations, podcasts and books.  If you're looking to give yourself some love this year and do some soul searching, Danielle Laporte, is such a great place to start.   

My favorite book:

Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Wall Kimmerer, was by far, my favorite read of the year.  This book was one of those books where you want to savor each chapter, sometimes each page.  It spoke directly to my soul and the ways I'd love to honor the earth.  

My favorite children's book:

I am Love, by Susan Verde was my favorite children's book of the year.  This book is one of a series of books about Compassion, Peace and Empathy.  They have provided a great opportunity to talk about these subjects with my boys as well as adding affirmations to their day in a natural and fun way! 

My favorite supplements:

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides have become a daily staple for me.  Collagen Peptides not only provide you with a boost of protein they also have great benefits to your hair, skin and nails.  Collagen also helps support your fitness goals and increases your muscle recovery and your bounce back after a work out.  I add a scoop of collagen to my tea in the morning but it is unflavored and can be added to any drink throughout your day.  I like this brand particularly for their quality and that they get their collagen from grass fed and pasture raised animals. 

 The other daily supplement I add to my tea in the morning is Nutiva MCT oil.  MCT stands for Medium Chain Triclycerides and they are a healthy fat.  MCT oil supports brain and body health by giving you mental clarity and a boost of energy.  MCT oil helps boost your metabolism and is easily absorbed and quickly burned.  I like to add this in the morning to start my day with a little extra energy.  

My favorite kitchen items

The best thing to whisk in all your coffee or tea additives with is this electric whisk.  I used to blend all of my tea in a blender every morning until I realized there was probably a better way.  And this washes with just a quick rinse under running water, no need to clean out an entire blender every morning.  I love that it comes with a stand so you can leave it right on the counter in easy reach and it doesn't get bent being put in a drawer. 

Stasher Bag

 I've used many different types of reusable bags in our kitchen and the Stasher Bags are my absolute favorite!  They have several different sizes of bags, sandwich size, snack size, pocket size, 1/2 gallon and even gusseted bags that stand!  They are made from silicone, are dishwasher and microwave safe and seal so tight they never leak. They have all sorts of cute colors, and I've found this is one easy way to start decreasing our family's footprint.  

My Favorite Subscription box: 

 I have been subscribed to Mighty Nest for a few years now and it still proves to be my favorite subscription.  Mighty nest is a subscription box that sends one item per month to help you make your home more eco friendly and sustainable.  The cost is only $11 and you can add other items from their website each month that ship free with your monthly subscription.  It's awesome to be able to add things like toothbrushes and green cleaning products to my order every month for no extra shipping.  It saves me time and money because I'm not wandering a store to find things I may not need.  I also know that everything on their website is healthy for my family.  It's become a one stop shop.  I can send a FREE first month to anybody who is interested.  Contact me at with the subject line MightyNest and I will send over an email with a code for your first free month! 

Favorite Products:  


 I can't leave out Shade Tree Naturals products of course.  Calm Blend has been my number one go to this past year.  I've had a very emotional year and calm has been great for calming my anxiety and grounding me to the here and now. Great in an air diffuser, great when added to our carrier oils and applied to my pulse points and also on my diffuser bracelet I wear often.  


My kids love this Sleepy Baby massage oil.  Not just for babies, this oil is scented with our sleepy baby essential oil blend and is a great addition to any bedtime routine.  Every night my kids ask for their "Sleepy Oil" and it has become a staple in our routine.  This oil is also great for hydrating dry skin during this dry winter weather, especially when applied after a warm bath or shower.  


I could add so much more to this list, but I'm choosing to keep it short and sweet.  I hope you love this list.  Are you wondering a favorite of mine in a particular category?  What would you add to this list?  I'd love to hear what you'd add to this list!  I love learning about new products!  

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Tara Parish


Tara Parish

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Tara Parish

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Tara Parish


Tara Parish


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